I invite you to scroll through the galleries here on my website. The images on display represent a 'body of work' produced during this era of 'postmodernism'.  

Whether you are an art enthusiast, an interested collector, an artist or a dealer, I would be happy to discuss my work with you, and if interested, a studio visit can be arranged. 

Several of the images on this site are potentially for sale as originals or as digital prints.  A website store (under construction) will be operational soon for the purchase of such prints. Please be in touch on my 'Contact' page if the purchase of an original work is of interest to you. Thank you for taking the time to visit and I will look forward to the possibility of hearing from you in the future.

The photography displayed on this site represents a wide range of subject matter covering many years of utilizing the camera as a tool, both film and digital, for framing compositions of interest to me in the visible natural world.