Meditations Series

My work consists of oil painting on both wood and canvas, as well as, mixed media drawings and prints. For several years now I have assembled images from the landscape of my mind that are constructed as psychological meditations. Contemplative encounters with the physical, the spiritual, the conscious and the unconscious are presented as transcendent experiences of mystery and wonder. The experience of conjuring up these images can be somewhat ambiguous and enigmatic in nature, so a harmony and a balance is sought to help illustrate a sense for my meditative process that can seem tentative and unsure, while always at work and wondering. I consider these images to be separate pages taken from the same book.... a book that challenges me to gain an understanding for and, ultimately, access to a 'sublime place' that I have come to perceive encompassing all of space and time. This 'unseen reality' presents itself as a mystery.... an ever-present unresolved mystery that yearns for insights and understanding. As an artist, working and actively participating in the experience and contemplation of this material post-modern world, I consider my work to be part of an ongoing series... if you will... a 'Meditations Series'.

When using oil paints I prefer to use stand oil as my medium and I do employ glazes for certain effects. Mixed Media works can involve the use of photography, monotypes, pencils, pen & ink, craypas, pastels, watercolor and oil sticks, etc.

The photography displayed here includes a wide range of subject matter that represents many years of utilizing the camera (both film & digital), as a tool for framing compositions of interest to me on location in the natural world. 

I received a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Allegheny College in Meadville, Pennsylvania (1971) and attended The School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts where I received both a Diploma (1982) and a Fifth-Year Certificate for graduate studies (1983).

I have exhibited my work in Massachusetts at The Boston Center for the Arts, The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, The Walnut Hill School for the Arts, The Basement Gallery, The Bentley College Gallery and The Loker Gallery. I have also exhibited in Washington, D.C. at The Foundry Gallery and in New York, NY at the Helio Galleries. 

My goal, at this time, is to continue to create and develop a 'body of work' that speaks to my life lived as an artist. And, as a working artist of this post-modern era, I would hope that my art is appreciated and identified as having been constructed during this interesting period in history.