My art portfolio consists of oil painting on both wood and canvas, as well as, mixed media images on paper. The chaos and dysfunction of world affairs and my own personal challenges are often on my mind when at work in the studio. My mood is subdued and contemplative when considering these matters so I am inclined to construct sublime and dreamlike spaces for my images to inhabit where serenity and tranquility exist, even as the world around me burns. The experience of conjuring up these images can be somewhat ambiguous and enigmatic in nature, so a harmony and a balance is sought to help illustrate a sense for my meditative process. My response to the concern and chaos of this world is not necessarily one of escapism, but of a desire for peace and calm to prevail in the end. As an artist working and participating in the experience of living during this 'postmodern era', I consider my work to be part of an ongoing series, if you will, a 'Meditations Series.